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Eviction Prevention Specialists

Tenant eviction companies, solicitors and housing associations often make mistakes that can invalidate their claim.

The paperwork done by the landlord has to be correct, and small mistakes can mean the entire claim being struck out by the Judge at court. All we do is use our experience to find those mistakes, and help you understand your options.

How LegalMentor Tenant Help works:

From £250:

  • Scan and email your documents (Section 21 Notice, tenancy agreement, deposit certificate etc).
  • Once received, we will email you suggestions, setting out your best options.

We can also help you with disrepair issues (mould, condensation, boiler not working, structure leaking (walls, window, roof, pipes), infestations of insects or vermin).

Bank transfer no fee – see below

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How to pay

All prices include VAT.

Bank transfer
Payment to: LegalMentorCoUK Limited, HSBC, 40-02-16, 42035529 using the first line of the property address as your reference. No additional charges

*Using the links, Paypal charges of 3.4% + 20p per payment

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