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Mortgage Help

When it comes to mortgage possession claims, we only act for Defendants.

How LegalMentor Mortgage Help works:

From £420:

Step 1:
Scan and email your documents (eg. witness statement sent to you by the bank, or your application).
Keep all documents sent to you by your bank or lender. The earlier you come to us, the more effectively we can help.
Step 2:
We use our experience to help you understand your best options. We can help stop the bank from getting possession, or ensure that you have more time to sell your property for a higher price.
Step 3:
If you decide you need more help, we can arrange for a specialist court advocate instructed by solicitors to attend the court hearing to represent you (minimum fee £400)

Click here to email us or ring our helpline on 0207 622 0431.

How to pay

No VAT to pay.

Bank transfer to: LegalMentorCoUK Limited, HSBC, 40-02-16, 42035529 using the first line of the property address as your reference. No additional charges


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