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Recovering tenanted properties

Easy as A-B-C

Stage I – Investigation  – £190

You email us your documents as PDF attachments (extra £30 admin charge if you send them by post).

We make a strategic decision about how to proceed, email you our reasoning, and discuss your options by phone if necessary.

£280 if legal proceedings are already underway, or the type of tenancy is unclear, or the case is complex
£370 when there are allegations of disrepair, or the case is very complex

Bank transfer no fee – see below
Documents by post surcharge(£30):

£190 of the Investigation fee is deducted if you use us later to issue proceedings under Stage B.

Stage A – Serve Notices – £70 (£90 for two)

Drafting, checking and serving statutory notices on the tenant.

Sometimes Notices may need to be served personally on the tenant (i.e. put into their hand) which you can do, or pay for a professional process server. We will let you know if this is necessary at the investigation stage.

Bank transfer no fee – see below

Stage B – Issue eviction proceedings (PCOL) – £450 (+£325 court fee) = £775

Draft claim, check, witness statement and arrange an advocate
– we help draft your claim, which is checked and issued at court using our Superfast Online Service.
– we draft and check your witness statement with you to be filed at court and served on the tenants
– we arrange for a specialist court advocate instructed by solicitors to attend the court hearing to represent you.

You can recover possession of your property, get a county court judgment for rent arrears, interest, daily use and occupation charges, set off the deposit against rent arrears, costs and (if appropriate) a transfer to the High Court for enforcement.

Bank transfer no fee – see below

Stage B1 – Issue proceedings (Accelerated Possession) – £295 (+£355 court fee) = £650

Possession claim using the accelerated procedure which usually has no hearing.
Your possession claim is drafted and checked by lawyers then sent to you to check, sign and submit to the court.

You cannot recover any rent arrears or costs (except the £355 court fee) using this claim.

Bank transfer no fee – see below

Stage C – County Court Bailiffs –  £80 (+ £121 court fee) = £201

An application to the court to instruct county court bailiffs to regain possession.

Bank transfer no fee – see below

Stage CH – High Court Bailiffs – Price on request

We provide a one stop service, completing all paperwork, drafting and serving the application to transfer to High Court, and sending one of our staff to attend whenever possible to help ensure a smooth changeover.

How to pay

All prices include VAT.

Bank transfer
Payment to: LegalMentorCoUK Limited, HSBC, 40-02-16, 42035529 using the first line of the property address as your reference. No additional charges
*Using the links, Paypal charges of 3.4% + 20p per payment

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