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Who are we?, also known as LegalMentor Landlords, is a national award winning tenant eviction company with an impressive record in getting possession for landlords at the first hearing.

We help landlords issue fast online claims. To the best of our knowledge we are the only tenant eviction company that files and serves proper witness statements and arranges specialist advocates to represent you at court.
For accelerated claims our fees are all-inclusive and fixed fee so you avoid the high cost of solicitors.  For work outside our usual fee structure we will give a quote.

Our staff are friendly and professional, so please get in touch.

What we do, and why competence is guaranteed

All the notices, claims, witness statements, defences, counterclaims and replies with which we assist landlords are always double-checked by at least one other colleague. Any issues with the papers or the facts are noted and discussed between the two allocated experts using our online system. The discussions evolve around increasing the chances of being able to get what the client wants at court, using our knowledge as advocates of how judges respond to differences in procedure, evidence and case law.

For landlord matters, no other company files and serves a proper witness statement to avoid issues at your hearing, checked and signed off by the landlord, with all documents exhibited.

All our lawyers are properly instructed to attend your hearing by solicitors regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Our competence is guaranteed by our contract with you, which you can view here.

Our competitors make mistakes time and again, for which you end up paying. Click here to read why.

Who are the people at LegalMentor?

Tim Briggs BA MPhil LLB is a former solicitor and expert in landlord and tenant law and mortgage possession issues. He is the managing director of the company and oversees its smooth running. He has experience working for landlords, tenants, sub-tenants, licensees, occupiers and alleged sub-letters. He is married with two young daughters.

Many of our staff work or have worked as court advocates in landlord and tenant law, mortgage possession and general litigation. They are linked to the files across a shared secure intranet system allowing them to work both remotely and at court.

Philip Abbott BSc works as business development manager as well as overseeing the administration at the company.